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Top three questions to ask your broker

In real estate, the maxim for success is location, location, location. Mastering new skills requires practice, practice, practice.

But what about health care? It’s complex. Everchanging. How do you know your health care investment is the right choice? The most cost effective? Sustainable? How can you be sure your employees easily receive excellent care, the right care?

Is it possible there’s a time-tested, singular principle to help guide you to the right choice? Yes, there is. It’s the care delivery model. And it bears repeating at least twice.

Understanding your current model is a prerequisite to forecasting a desired future state—one that improves the overall health of your employees and your bottom line.

Whether you’re reevaluating your current benefits solution or simply renewing your existing plan, research the delivery model. It’s the foundation for high-quality, affordable coverage. And three simple questions can get you started.

Why does my rate trend resemble the spikes and dips of an abnormal EKG?
When care and coverage aren’t integrated, costs increase and rates can’t stabilize. Chronic conditions alone account for roughly 85% of your health care spending. Instead, imagine your employees being automatically enrolled in an award-winning disease management program at no additional cost to you.1, 2 If your current care model doesn’t deliver proactive care, you may end up paying for costlier, reactive care.
Could my current delivery model put me at risk for a shock claim?
Possibly. Highly probable if your care delivery system is piecemeal and you have a bad luck year. Preterm births cost employers more than $12 billion in unexpected health care costs in 2017.3 And the rising cost of specialty drugs can also put you at financial risk. Does your PBM get clawbacks? Do they contain costs by 50-80% and prevent dangerous and costly medication errors without compromising care?
What are the results of my investment?
Fragmented reporting can lead to higher, unnecessary costs. And claims data alone doesn’t let you truly spot trends, identify cost drivers and improve employee health. Decades of clinical data, business intelligence and robust reporting does. Your investment deserves healthy outcomes. When your health plan and care model are united, your results are, too. Providing great benefits doesn’t need to be so complex.
Choose better. Choose the care delivery model that changed the health care industry.
1 Harvard Business Review, 2016
2 National Business Coalition, Aon Hewitt annual eValue8™ Survey, 2012; Complete Care at Kaiser Permanente: Transforming Chronic and Preventive Care. The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, 2013
3 March of Dimes, 2017 statistics

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